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Content Marketing and the Shifting Needs of Your Target Audience

Content marketing requires intentional planning. Plan smart with an expert in your corner.

Have you grown weary of the word “evolve” yet? It gets thrown around a lot these days, but for good reason: anyone willing to maintain status quo in this turbulent time is going to come off as an out-of-touch organization. This is definitely the case where digital content marketing is concerned.

Truth be told, your content marketing should always be changing, as the needs of your audience are not static. But with the pandemic, priorities and needs, wants and wishes have been drastically altered. To what degree depends on the audience.

In the Know

If you’ve been successful in your content marketing in the past, it’s because you know your target audience well. You likely have achieved excellent engagement with them in your social media platforms and have listened to their opinions, which have shaped how you do what you do, whether it’s product development or crafting the right tone in your outreach.

The same is true now – you should be taking every opportunity to know how their needs have shifted in the last few months. Surveys, more in-depth conversations over social media or just friendly newsletters asking for responses can provide a lot of useful data.

Leading Factors in the New Normal

There has been a fairly significant swing toward content marketing in recent months for the following reasons:

  • Work-from-home popularity/necessity has brought on new challenges where technology is concerned
  • A lack of sponsorship opportunities (it’s not unusual for up to 40% of the marketing budget to go toward trade shows, travel, collateral) has led to a bump in paid media expenditures
  • Social media is a more significant medium now for establishing trust among consumers

Again, knowing your audience and how they’ve been impacted by the pandemic can help you shape your content in a meaningful way.

Focus on Internal Content Marketing

Internal marketing is most often associated with customer-facing employees, the people who are at the heart of customer retention, as well as customer acquisition. For those who have put a bulk of their focus on internal marketing rather than external marketing, they’re really happy with their approach now as the pandemic has helped make that method even more valuable.

Partner with an Expert

Most company leaders are laser focused on keeping their brand afloat, which means taking the time/energy to devote to content marketing might not be in their immediate purview. Bringing in an experienced leader in this area can provide a fast return on investment. At SJC Marketing, we have assisted our clients in many industries develop more meaningful and quality content for their marketing outreach. Let us give you a hand as you juggle all the new demands you’re facing today.

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