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Quilt of Awesomeness

Who We Are

SJC Marketing started as a copywriting company, with much of its team working in virtual environments to create amazing content. (In other words, we were working in coffee shops, cars, kitchen tables - wherever we could find a place to create.) It all started in Susan’s basement and quickly grew from there. One project landed us in an incubator situation and before we knew it, we were buying a building so we had room to continue to expand.

Today, SJC Marketing could be described as a patchwork quilt of awesomeness. With designers, writers, marketing specialists and social media strategists with a variety of backgrounds, each member of the team contributes in a unique and creative way to the marketing strategy agency. Adding to the beautiful array of talents on our team is a shared passion for investing in the local community.

But that’s not the whole story. It’s also not the reason you should hire us. In fact, you may not want to hire us. We may not agree to put you into a trendy digital campaign, create a disco-themed Instagram Stories strategy or apply that purple swish to your logo, no matter how much your daughter loves it.

Here’s the reason you should hire us: we know marketing. And it’s not because we’re fresh out of school and we know how to use social media and digital tools better than you do. It’s because we are experienced and proven experts that know what works and why you should (or shouldn’t) launch a particular campaign or engage in a company rebranding strategy.

Yes, some of us are Millennials, and some of us are Gen-Xer’s, while still some are of the next, yet-unnamed generation. We don’t select our talent based on a generation; we recruit based on creativity, a team mentality and work ethic. That patchwork quilt of awesomeness means we’re all unique in what we contribute, but we come together to create something awesome: the best marketing firm in the Kansas City region.

A team of professionals

Our Mission

We help SMBs grow by clarifying marketing chatter and solving complex issues with proven strategies and competitive campaigns.

Our Vision

Successful relationships our clients can't live without.

Our Values


Through respectful collaboration, we strive for excellence in solutions to the challenges businesses face today in dynamic and competitive markets.


By taking a broad approach to the market, challenges, opportunities and research, we’re able to harness our communication, teamwork and creativity to develop solutions that deliver sustainable results.


Consider all ideas as offering the potential to contribute to the unique solutions we’re able to create.


We recognize that everyone brings unique talents to the table. As a collective whole, our team is focused on learning and growing together as we continue to stitch our Patchwork Quilt of Awesomeness.

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