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We Love It When a Plan Comes Together

We hear it all the time: a company wants to hire us to help them grow their business, so they want us to create an ad, send a mailer and run an Instagram campaign. While it’s great that the business has an idea of the tools available, we don’t really know that these channels are the best option to help them achieve their goal. In fact, the company may not have even clearly defined their goal or have a content creation strategy. But they know what they want, so they’re ready to get going. It would be easy for us to simply take their money and do what they ask, but we’re not in the business of selling products. We’re in the business of helping companies reach their goals.

This is where strategy is SO important. Yes, you can try a couple of things to see what happens, but why waste your time and money when there is already solid data on what works and what doesn’t? For instance, did you know that without engagement, your Facebook followers won’t even see your posts? Or that the advice given by even the big guys like Google and Instagram may not be in your best interest? After all, if your Instagram campaign succeeds on the first day, you won’t continue to pour money into the platform.

That got you thinking, didn’t it? It’s not just about the channels you should and shouldn’t be using; it’s also about the messages, the audience, the opportunity for themes, the forced questions around goals and challenges, and so much more. And here’s the best part: as a marketing strategy agency, our strategy sessions not only help in the development of  your marketing plan for execution; they also serve as a great baseline for your business plan if you don’t have one.

If yours is a larger organization, the resulting plan should align with your strategic goals — something we will explore in the strategy process. Either way, the goal is to take a deep dive to ensure you have the best plan possible to help you reach your goals. If we can’t help you do that, there’s no point in our working together. The strategy not only gives us a plan, but it also keeps us all accountable. After all, we want you to be smiling when you get our invoice. 

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