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How Often Should You Revise and Refine Your Marketing Strategy?

You won’t overhaul your marketing strategy every month, but you’ll review your metrics continuously.

A marketing strategy written 10 years ago would probably give you a bit of a laugh if you read it today. Launched before social media was fully embraced as a marketing channel, and probably peppered with some outdated ideas, it wouldn’t serve your company well today.

Clearly, you want to update your marketing strategy more than every 10 years, but everyone agrees that at some point you’ve got to focus on executing the plan. If you remain stuck in the strategy development phase, you may miss out on some serious growth opportunities.

Back to your strategy, how often should you update yours?

The Majors Stay the Same. There are big areas you attack when developing your strategy that should have some staying power. From your values to your brand message, voice and logo, along with the overall design of your brand, these elements must have some gravity to them for a long life. If you change them up too often it will drain all of your marketing resources, not to mention confusing your audiences.

Review Channels Quarterly. While you may have seen that a mix of email marketing, posting on LinkedIn and holding monthly webinars delivers the results you want to see, it’s a good idea to revisit distribution every few months to see how it’s performing. There may be a new social media platform that you need to explore, or you may find that you need to shift a bit of your resources away from email in order to better meet the needs of customers that appreciate live events.

Stay Right with Your Metrics and Analytics. When it comes to the specific posts you’re crafting, the content formats you’re choosing and the audiences you’re trying to reach, you need to be in constant motion. You can’t wait three months to start investing in live video if it’s exploding in your industry.

Your marketing strategy should stay the same in terms of the brand message and the values behind your brand. Every few months, you may decide it’s time to change up your distribution strategy, and you should be constantly refining your specific activities based on reliable analytics.

Is it time for an update? If you’re in need of a comprehensive overhaul, or if you’re not sure where your marketing strategy could use some tweaking, our team at SJC Marketing can help. We’ll help you get back on track and give you some guidance for how you should be updating it along the way.

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