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5 Steps for a Marketing Strategy Refresh

Your marketing strategy will always benefit from tightening up your branding guidelines and investing in blogging.

The new year is on the horizon (okay, it’s breathing down the collar of your shirt), and it’s a good time to be reviewing your marketing strategy and implementing a few updates for a big impact. Not sure where to start? Here are a few areas that will be key in 2020 to get your audience’s attention:

Tighten up Your Branding Guidelines: Has your color scheme gotten a bit watered down? Is the look of your photos starting to look a little like anything goes? It’s critical that your brand has a signature look, one that when your audience sees your content, they immediately know it’s yours. Create strong guidelines that insist on the colors, the overall look and even the voice of your brand being consistent.

Invest in Your Website: Think about areas like prioritizing the mobile friendliness of your site, boosting search engine optimization (SEO) and load speed. These elements have a large effect on your website’s ability to deliver growth, so don’t gloss over something that is absolutely critical to your target market. Consider the last time you bailed on a website because it was annoying to keep scrolling side to side on your phone, or when a website kept getting stuck so you tried a competitor instead. It matters.

Get Bloggy: You simply don’t get many opportunities to showcase your expertise outside of a blog. Whether you are writing a how-to article, addressing a controversial topic in your industry or solving common problems, a blog can offer a lot of value. It tells your market that you are a trustworthy resource, and it causes them to think of you first when it’s time to make a purchase. It also has a positive impact on your SEO, because search engines prioritize websites that regularly post new content.

Be Socially Present: Research where your audience hangs out, and then hang out there with them. Don’t try to be present on every social media site, but instead focus your time where you can have the biggest influence. Start conversations, share valuable content and when you get a comment or question, respond as quickly as possible.

Try Targeted Ads: In order to rise above the online noise and stand out to your target market, try targeted advertising on social media. You can run a few tests first if you have a limited budget and want to try a more modest campaign. See what resonates with your audience and then expand your efforts to encompass your primary social media platform, plus one or two others.

If your New Year’s resolution includes not working on a marketing strategy, turn it over to a team that just can’t wait to deliver new growth to your brand. We have tiered website packages to fit your specific needs. At SJC Marketing we have techniques that can pump new life into your fading marketing strategy.

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