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Graphic Design Trends for 2020

Your brand may not require a complete overhaul, but working in some graphic design trends can create new excitement.

Is your color scheme lacking pizzazz, your fonts looking tired and your animation falling short? It’s time to update your graphic design to stand out, and there are a few trends perfect for stirring new life into your visuals.

Here are a few trends coming for 2020 to look at:

Muted Colors: Rather than featuring vibrant colors, new trends in graphic design include colors that have varying levels of white or black added to the tint to make it a fresh look. Don’t abandon your signature colors, but try to work in some muted versions for a fresh look and feel.

Minimalistic Design: Busyness is out; simple, eye-catching design is in. Take a look at your graphic design elements with an outsider’s eye and try to pinpoint what is essential in each design. You can scale back to remove distractions and unnecessary details. This approach maximizes the effectiveness of white space. It started with tech companies, but you can expect other industries to begin embracing a more minimalist look.

Branded GIFs: It’s rare to see a text conversation that isn’t peppered with a few GIFs, because they say so much. Rein that power in for your brand by creating some GIFs branded just for you. You can change up the accompanying text for any number of promotions and events and create a funny or sarcastic slant. There’s room for huge creativity and fun in this graphic design category.

Dream Away: Another trend hitting graphic design in Kansas City and across the country is the use of a lot of dreamy images that don’t convey a single, concrete idea, but offer a range of possibilities. It’s pretty abstract, so you can let your audience interpret the ideas they would like to connect with your brand.

Heavy, Simple Font: Fonts are becoming simple, yet heavy for maximum impact. It’s like Lenny from Of Mice and Men became a font: it’s memorable, massive and yet there’s not much to figure out.

If you’re looking for a marketing agency in the Kansas City area that can deliver impact that fits your graphic design budget, SJC Marketing is ready to get started. We know which trends will make your brand pop and you’ll have fun watching the results.



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