Let’s Talk About Your Brand’s Logo Design

Whether you’re embarking on a new business venture, or you’re giving an existing company a new look, thinking about a new logo design is an exciting part of the process. Like Maverick is known by his aviator sunglasses, or Cindy Crawford her classic beauty mark, you know that with the right logo design, you can be a whole new brand that everyone knows.

Some brands need not even publish their name alongside their logo because it’s so well known. Think of the Nikes, the Starbucks, the Apples of the logo world. How do you come up with something so potent and well-aligned with your brand?

Before you search “logo design near me,” and jump in, you need to thing about a few things first:

Know Your Target Market: Your logo should not only reflect your brand; it should say something about those you’re trying to reach. For instance, if you’re in an adventure-related company, what bold things would your audience be drawn to. Your brand is attractive to your target audience for certain reasons, so make sure you know why.

Your logo should be just as fun or just as serious as your brand. It should seem to have a bit of a particular personality. When you’re considering potential logos, think about what that logo would be like if they were a person.

Think About the Type of Logo: You might choose something that is a literal representation of your brand in an image, such as Apple’s apple. Or you might have an emblem, the way the Starbucks brand is represented by the mermaid. A characterization includes a mascot, while a wordmark simply states your brand name in a unique font or style, such as Coca-Cola or Prada.

Having an idea of which type of logo will best fit your brand can help when you start the design process. Maybe you’re a law firm or financial services company, and a characterization can be eliminated from consideration, but for a lot of companies, any of these options may be worth considering.

Consider the Goal of Your Logo Design: You likely have a certain emotional connection you would like your target audience to experience when they see your logo. For instance, Nike’s logo clearly communicates motion and energy, while the cursive of Coca-Cola has a relaxed feel to it. Think about the dominant emotion that should be associated with your brand.

Embrace a Core Value: Your logo should be centered on a core value that states your brand messaging clearly, but simply. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that if you sell shoes, your logo has to have a shoe or a foot in it, but it should have some clear tie to what you do.

Clear as mud, right? Logo design is complex and yet incredibly exciting in its challenges. If you’re looking for a look that captures your brand, our team at SJC Marketing can help. With graphic designers right on staff, we can make your brand convey a world of information in a single glance.