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Content — it’s all that marketing agencies want to talk about, and writers want to write about. Why? Because the members of your audience are content consumers and if you want to reach them with your core messages, you have to know what they want to hear and how they want to hear it. Yes, they want videos and GIFs and memes, but they also want quality content, and it all starts with your story.

But that’s the easy part — you know your story. Fortunately, we know content and what needs to come together to make your marketing message work. It’s not just about marketing messages to grab attention; your content creation strategy needs to focus on value-added content that means something to members of your target audience. Don’t settle for material that simply fills a page — let’s talk about what works.

In some industries, you can’t compete effectively without in-depth content like white papers or a particular blog writing format. In others, you may need to look more toward video or social content as you may be writing for a target market that just won’t read a white paper. We can explore the possibilities together, determining what formats are best for your value-added content and where it needs to reside. Whether you need gated content creation, Instagram Stories or a single focus on Facebook Live, the possibilities aren’t endless, but there are many. Let’s discover them together.

This approach to content is one of the reasons SJC Marketing has been around for more than 14 years. We don’t push you into a mold or simply take an order. We examine your brand, your customers, and your industry to understand how we need to build your content marketing strategy. We’ll then help you execute on your content creation strategy. Maybe you want to do some of the writing, or maybe you want a complete, turnkey solution — either way, we’ll work with you to get the right campaign in place to meet your needs and ensure we help you meet your marketing goals.

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