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Common Content Marketing Mistakes

If your content marketing is filled with sales pitches, you’re definitely doing it wrong.

You’re posting on your blog regularly. You repurpose your best material into infographics and videos. You even make it your personal mission to prioritize SEO principles for your content marketing strategy.

But are there things you are also doing that may be having a negative effect on your content marketing efforts?  Use the following list of common content marketing missteps to see what you may need to adjust:

You aren’t clear on what your content is about. You’re aware that people hate clickbait, but you just can’t help yourself. Your social posts are full of tantalizing teasers that lead to content that has little to do with the topic promised. It may work on unsuspecting audiences a couple of times, but your engagement will drop off steeply once people realize what is happening.

Your content is salesy. Nobody wants to read a blog listing the reasons you’re so great or hear about why they should buy your product. That’s not blog writing; it’s an ad (which has a time and a place). Instead, focus on key topics that address pain points for your customers and become an expert in your industry.

It’s a bit aged. Are you reposting a piece that your audience loved …back in 2012? If you plan to utilize a content marketing piece that did well in the past, be sure that references are updated. It should read like brand-new material.

It’s not addressing the needs of consumers. Every time you create content, there should be a focus on creating value. Whether you’re offering a solution to a common challenge or providing insight on a key topic in your industry, the audience should have the impression that you’re serving their needs.

It’s a complaint platform. Sure, you’ve got some pet peeves about what goes on in your industry, but your content marketing is not the place to vent or express yourself. Instead, focus on valuable information in your industry and consumers will know where to look when they need information.

If your content marketing strategy isn’t delivering the results you need, contact us at SJC Marketing. We can offer a consultation to root out the most common missteps, but we also provide comprehensive content marketing strategies that allow you to focus on your core business. Let’s get together and talk about you.

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