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Monday Morning Coffee With Cake House Design

Monday Morning Coffee is a weekly celebration of local businesses, enjoyed with a fresh cup of coffee.

You know about the St. Louis Cardinals. You’ve probably heard that St. Louisans slice their bagels like bread (doesn’t really happen). Maybe what you associate with St. Louis is toasted ravioli (that is definitely a thing). What you may not know is that St. Louis often feels more like a cluster of little towns than a big city.

Each section has its favorite haunts, and when you’re in Oakville, an area in south county, you may want to check out a little cake shop that’s beginning to get noticed in the broader St. Louis area.

It’s called Cake House Design, and whether you’re a bride seeking out a unique look for a wedding cake, or you need a cute, cozy spot to meet a friend for coffee, Cake House Design is the place.

It’s known for beautiful, Instagram-starring wedding cakes, but there’s so much more to enjoy. Lyndsay O’Neil, the owner of Cake House Design creates a new pastry menu every couple of days, so that customers are treated to her latest dessert ideas in the shop.

From Golden Snitch cake balls to celebrate the birthday of Harry Potter, to their sought-after cinnamon rolls, their Facebook posts will have you drooling as you hurry to find your keys! Facebook followers are treated to beautiful shots of Lyndsay’s wedding and birthday confections, but that’s where you can also find out what’s in the display case at the shop.

Topping off all the sugary fun is the sheen of glitter all over the store! If you need a chance to connect with your daughter, granddaughter, niece or young friend, Cake House Design is the perfect place for a treat and a chat. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to visit on a day when they’re serving homemade Pop Tarts. In a word, YUM.

Cake House Design is located in the shopping plaza at Baumgartner and Lemay Ferry. Drop in, purchase a cinnamon roll and bask in the glow of buttercream and glitter. And yes, this blog is making us hungry too!

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