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How You Can Start Improving Engagement Today With LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing strategies ensure your social media marketing and advertising produce quality leads.

More than 600 million professionals have a LinkedIn profile and a large percentage of them use the platform to make business decisions. You can use LinkedIn marketing strategies to find more quality leads, and by using ads, you can sway them your way as they make those decisions.

What Ad Types Are Best for Me?

Ads are as varied as industries on LinkedIn. You’ll need to find the right ones for your audience. Here are some of the most commonly used:

  • Text Ads
    Simple ads that are on the right-hand side or the top of the desktop feed. You can include images for better performance.
  • Direct Sponsored Content
    Test out your personalized content for a specific audience in the news feed without having to create posts.
  • Sponsored Content
    Boost native posts in your news feed to gain more engagement.
  • Lead Generation Forms
    Get more data on users quickly and accurately. These ads auto-populate the information once the user clicks on the ad.
  • Dynamic Ads
    Automatically personalize ads to engage prospects. You can use this to build brand awareness, drive traffic and convert prospects.
  • Sponsored InMail
    Send personalized messages to members and get more attendees to your events or more eyes on your content.

Be sure to develop a budget and monitor the success of each ad type. This way, you can see what’s giving you the most bang for your buck.

Target the Right People

LinkedIn marketing is easier when you take advantage of the tools the platform offers. For example, you’ll want to make sure you’re connecting with the right people, which you can determine by their member data.

If you’re looking to target people based on the size of their company, LinkedIn profiles have that information. You can also target based on age, skills, job title, company name and any other profile information on which you want to focus.

Monitoring Success

While you’re monitoring success based on what your budget is for ads, you can also replicate successful LinkedIn marketing campaigns based on what has proven to work.

LinkedIn has a campaign manager, which allows you to track the most important metrics, like conversions and leads, engagement, reach, video metrics and sponsored InMail.

Another thing to consider monitoring is your conversion traffic. Look at how many people have downloaded content, made purchases and the website actions they’ve taken. By doing this, you can get a deeper look at the people you’ve converted and figure out what’s working with whom.

Need some assistance with your LinkedIn marketing? At SJC Marketing, our experience in assisting clients with getting the most out of this platform is an asset to you. Spend your ad dollars more wisely and see a greater return on your investment – just contact us today and let’s discuss our methods.


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