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Getting to Know Your Target Audience

Before you can reach your target audience, you need to know who they are and what they need.

While the reality is that your product or service probably isn’t for everyone, you can create engaging content with a deep understanding of who most wants and needs your product and where they might be looking for it. You just need to think like a  reporter as you look to reach your target audience.

This means you need to gather up the key facts, or the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How, in order to know your target audience and sell to them. Here’s how that works:

Who: This question only gets more effective the more you dig. If you know you’re most likely to sell your product to 20-somethings, you’ll only become more successful at reaching them as you learn additional qualities of your audience. Maybe they’re 20-somethings, but they also tend to be single, outdoor enthusiasts who prioritize fair trade and sustainable products.

What: Spend some time finding out what your target audience is looking for when they search for products like yours. You can find data that tells you that consumers looking for a portable water filter like yours enter searches such as, “How do I get clean water on a long hike?”

When: Find out when your target audience is most active in engaging with conversations around your industry or product. If they’re single 20-somethings, you may find that late in the evening, and especially in early spring, this group is making plans for summer adventures and they’re looking for items like your water filter.

Where: Learn where your target audience conducts their research. Are they doing a quick search on a smartphone or is this more of an event where they’re settling in at a desktop or laptop for a deep dive into topics around your product?

Why: You need to get a clear understanding of the wants and needs that are leading to a search for your product. Then, what else does your audience need to know? By thinking through why they’re interested in your product, you can provide content that helps them solve problems or challenges and build a reputation for expertise in your industry.

How: You need to know what search engines your target audience is using, and you also need to know where they’re hanging out. Should you be kicking off an Instagram event where followers share their best camping and hiking adventure pics, or is it more beneficial to run a Facebook poll where people vote on the best s’mores ingredients?

Once you have a clear picture of the members of your target audience, you can segment them into subsets and even develop some detailed buyer personas. All these steps serve to help you share content that is engaging and adds value to your audience.

Need help getting to know your target audience? At SJC Marketing, we can not only help you with accessing the data and analytics that tell you about your audience, but we can tell you what to do with that data to create growth for your brand.

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