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5 Things You Can Accomplish With a Poll on LinkedIn for Businesses

LinkedIn for businesses makes it easy to set up a poll, and polls make it easy for audiences to engage.

Polls are almost irresistible. Sometimes you feel compelled to click on an option just to see the results and find out what everyone else is thinking. Thankfully, LinkedIn for businesses makes it easy to set up a poll with up to four options and run it for your preferred length of time. In this blog, you’ll find out the simple steps to set up a poll and the reasons you might want to do it.

Getting Started: LinkedIn for businesses lets you set up a poll virtually anywhere on the platform, from your profile page to a group or within an event page you’re posting. In order to set up a poll, follow these easy steps:

  • Click on Start a Post, then choose Create a Poll from the icon options.
  • You’ll walk through the fields, adding your question and up to four options for your participants to choose.
  • Determine the ending date of your poll and select that timeframe.
  • Add the rest of your post. Be sure to include hashtags to help identify your poll.

Keep in mind that while your poll may only run for a week, the post itself may be accessible for longer. If the poll is related to a particular event or date, you may want to make note of when you’d like it to stop appearing in your feed.

Reasons for Creating a Poll: While polls on Facebook or Instagram might be simply for engaging audiences and introducing fun, you may have more direct goals in mind for your poll. Here are a few good reasons to set one up:

You’re Thinking About Expanding Your Offerings: A poll can be a great way to find out whether there’s a gap in the industry related to products or services. If you’ve got an idea in mind, you might be able to gauge interest through a poll.

You Want to Make Sure Your Content is Timely: You may be cranking out piece after piece about economic struggles, but your competitors are, too. Your audience is tired of the same old topics. Use a poll to find out what’s really on their minds.

You Are Feeling a Little Shaky on Pain Points: For years, you’ve been marketing through the lens of a certain set of pain points, but it’s beginning to feel like a long time since you’ve really listened to your audiences. A poll can help you find out what their top concerns are, and if your post includes some conversation starters, you can receive some good insight into what your audience is prioritizing.

You Suspect There are Knowledge Gaps: You know that content is a great way to establish a reputation for expertise in your industry, but you may have trouble determining whether to begin with a 101 version of your information or go for the advanced course. A poll can help you find out what your audiences want to learn and when they’re ready for more meaty material.

Find Out Who Your Audience Is … Really: A lot has changed in recent months in terms of roles, responsibilities and job setting. A poll on LinkedIn for businesses can help you determine what kinds of roles are held by audiences on LinkedIn and whether your content is appropriately targeting them.

Setting up a poll for LinkedIn for businesses couldn’t be more user-friendly, but maybe you’re wondering how it should fit with the rest of your strategy. Our team at SJC marketing can help you get your social media marketing on track for growth.

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