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The access to photography and video devices today keeps visual awesomeness within reach. This is a fantastic way for us to document our personal lives in such a way that generations to come will know exactly what we’re doing. And while we might be doing this visual capture with a high dollar device, that doesn’t mean the quality and skill necessary to produce a fantastic image are present. For that, let’s look to the pros.

At SJC Marketing, we only invest in high-quality talent as a marketing strategy agency. That’s why the individuals we have handling your requests, such as business professional headshots, are not fresh off the street, but instead seasoned professionals who have seen the good, the bad and the ugly and know how to bring the beautiful to your project. As a marketing agency in Kansas City, our photography work is not meant to capture your family at the park or your high schooler ready to go off to college (although we know some awesome people who do this, and we’ll give out their names). Instead, our work is focused on capturing your brand story. We want to showcase your products, your services, your people in such a way that your prospects can’t help but become customers.

This is done through appropriate staging, lighting, planning and project management. It also needs to tie into the strategy that’s been built for your brand. Don’t be drawn in by the individual with the nice camera who doesn’t have the portfolio or proven experience to show you they can do the job. And if you’re working with us, we’re not opposed to using photography that you send us from another professional. But that’s the key word — it needs to be professional or you’re cheating your brand out of the treatment it deserves.


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