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The Impact Professional Photography Can Have For Your Brand

Professional photography should be a critical component to your marketing strategy.

With 77% of Americans owning smartphones, the vast majority of the population has a camera in their pocket. These cameras continue to improve as manufacturers upgrade the hardware and software in each new release. Despite the fact that the image quality is good, it can’t match what professional photography can do for your brand.

Professional photographers look at the world around us a little differently. When they compose a shot, they’re looking for specific elements that will make that photograph tell a story. At the same time, they’re considering crucial technical aspects such as focal point, ISO, aperture and shutter speed. When it all comes together, professional photography can make your brand much more competitive.

Online Visibility

You likely already know that including visuals in social media posts boosts audience engagement. The better the image, the better the engagement, so opting for professional photography will create value in your outreach.

Think about your experiences shopping online. Do you rely on paragraphs of product description to pull the trigger on a purchase? Probably not. Photographs and videos help inform you and give you the information you need to make the purchase or look elsewhere. When the photos are of poor quality, you quickly click off of that item.

Stats Don’t Lie

Did you know that after three days, most people only retain about 10% of the information they take in from your content? By adding a photograph, you can bump recollection up to 65%. Here are some more statistics that show that professional photography matters:

  • Images on Facebook get over 300% more engagement than text alone.
  • Choosing the right photos to run with an article gets 90% more views than articles without photos.
  • When a search result includes images, the user is 60% more likely to contact the business.
  • Nearly 70% of consumers say a quality image is very important in choosing what they purchase.

At SJC we’re committed to assisting our clients in every aspect of a campaign. From professional photography to video services, our team is ready to make your brand shine.

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