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Developing an SEO Strategy for Evolving Times

In a more localized search environment, your SEO strategy must consider community needs.

The effects of the pandemic have hit every industry, forcing most organizations to rethink their business plan and adapt to a new situation. SEO strategies have also evolved to include new elements focused on staying local and staying relevant. And while the approach to SEO constantly evolves, it has become especially important to rethink strategy.

The pandemic has had an impact on consumer search trends and patterns.  As consumers continue to stay closer to their immediate community, they’re more likely to do business locally. This means local SEO has become even more important for businesses to consider as part of an overall SEO strategy.


Localizing Content

There is already so much generic content out there and consumers won’t land on your page if you’re not bumping up your copy with more localized topics. When you live and work among your target audience, you’ll know what the biggest concerns are in your community and you can steer your content in that direction while promoting your brand, your products and services.

Create Content for Today and Tomorrow

With millions of people being vaccinated daily, restrictions with the pandemic are beginning to shift, but people are still searching for COVID-19-related content and your approach to marketing needs to consider that. You also have to keep your SEO strategy on a path that prepares your organization for the long term, which includes life without lockdowns, restrictions and local-only transactions.

How you split up the content related to each goal will depend on your industry, and it will evolve, so be flexible and consider multiple approaches.

Track Your Progress

Monitoring your organic visibility has never been easy, but if you want to keep track of how your search results evolve over the next month to three months as consumer behaviors change, use local filters. For example, if you want to get a more hyper-local look at your traffic, you can utilize a platform like Sitechecker. You can also continue to carry out your other SEO monitoring progress, such as using Open Site Explorer where you get a better look at your domain authority. Keyword rank tracking is another tried and true marketing tactic that shouldn’t be ignored.

For assistance developing a strategy that tends to today’s needs while preparing your organization for pandemic-free times ahead, our team at SJC is ready to help you get started.

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