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Professional Photography Brings Value to Your Marketing

Professional photography images speak volumes about a brand.

Consumers want to be informed at a rapid pace. While text can convey much-needed information and remains a critical part of consumer outreach, consumers are increasingly engaging more with visual content. Think about your social media outreach. Have you ever noticed how much more engagement you get with posts that include images? When content is accompanied by images, it gets as much as 90 percent more views than content without images.

Consumers are looking for strong visuals from brands, which is why professional photography is a critical aspect of any marketing strategy.

Imaging and the Buy Cycle

Consumers look to the Internet to become informed about various products and services in an effort to make a fact-based decision on whether or not to make a purchase. Being highly visual beings, humans are far more likely to respond to product placement that has images. In fact, when it comes to entering the buy cycle, almost 60% of consumers using the Internet to search for goods and services say they prefer to reach out to companies that have used images in their product descriptions.

Imaging Consistency

We know that the human brain can easily process images, but you want to make sure you’re using images that speak to who you are as a brand and that it represents the product/service you offer.

You also want your visual elements to be balanced and aesthetically pleasing. Being consistent improves the chances of your content getting likes, shares and potentially going viral. Professional photography can be key to getting the results you want and making your brand shine.

Approach it Like a Pro

The cameras in smartphones have vastly improved, offering a great option for quality images. However, this is more geared for quick “day in the life” glimpses or updates. Your media represents your brand, and if the adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” make sure the photos you use are saying the right words about your brand.

Sure, there is a cost associated with partnering with a professional photographer, but consider the costs related to the negative side effects of using lower quality images. A professional will provide you with images that you can use in many different ways and will be of value in the long run.

At SJC, we know the importance of professional photography and assist clients in many industries with their imaging needs.  We would love to tell you more about our approach to providing top quality photographs for everything from marketing campaigns to blogs to website content and more.

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