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3 Reasons Why You Might Not Be Seeing a Good ROI on Your Facebook Ads Campaign

Your Facebook ads campaign may be struggling because your value proposition isn’t clear.

Compared to running a direct mail campaign or launching an enewsletter, a Facebook ads campaign can seem too good to be true. You just load an image, come up with some punchy copy and select your audience. It’s so easy, right?

Well…not so fast. Facebook marketing has some great features that make it user-friendly, but that doesn’t mean it’s not immune to marketing missteps any more than other channels. Here are a few to examine if your Facebook ads campaign isn’t delivering the results you want:

You’re Not Looking at What Is Working: Sure, Facebook marketing is great, but there’s a reason they offer split testing. If you want to know whether moms with preschoolers or moms with grade school-age kids are responding better to your ads, you need to run a split test. And it’s not just with audiences; you can test the creative aspect of your ad, the placement or delivery optimization. Find out what’s working and what’s not.

Your Value Proposition is Off: It happens across every type of marketing. You, as a marketer, have a clear vision of what you think is great about your company and that can completely blind you to what your audiences actually value. Even if you get a handle on it, you may still struggle to communicate your value proposition in your images and copy. Think about someone who has never heard of your brand and what they might learn about your brand from your ad.

You’re Short-Sighted: Facebook isn’t necessarily the place people head to when they want to shop. That’s why your ads should be clear about focusing on building awareness. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t include an option for purchase, but think about your ads as a way to introduce your product, not finalize a sale.

People are on Facebook to socialize. So create a Facebook ads campaign that encourages socializing around your brand. Start a contest, introduce a poll or ask audiences to join a conversation, but not about your brand. This is one of the hardest mental roadblocks for companies. Make it something fun and engaging about your audiences, not about you.

Struggling with your Facebook ads campaign? At SJC Marketing, we can help you get better results with an existing campaign or help you get started if you’re new to social media.  We can’t wait to work with you!

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