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Monday Morning Coffee: Gifts From A Father

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When Father’s Day rolls around, traditions can almost move forward on autopilot. Barbecue out back, beer on ice and a game on the television. Long ago resigned to the impossible, you gave up giving your dad a creative gift. It’s a polo shirt every year, only varying in color and brand.

This year, why not give your dad, or other father figure, the gift of telling him something he’s given you? Here are some ideas:

Practical Skills: Maybe you arrived at college, shocked that none of your sorority sisters knew how to repair a flat or change the oil. Maybe you impressed your wife in your newlywed days with your ability to hang a picture with precision. Or you might complete your tax return with ease every year because your dad demystified the process for you.

A Love of Nature: You swoon just a little when you smell fresh pine, and you can roll up a sleeping bag, fast. If your dad took you out fishing, on hikes or on a camping trip, it probably did more for the earth than a dozen lectures on recycling. Your dad probably yelled at you to put your book down and appreciate the scenery on a road trip, and you’re thanking him now.

An Appreciation for the Arts: Whether you had season tickets to the theater or a pass to the local art museum, your dad was cultivating a love for beauty. When he dragged you to Shakespeare in the Park or a symphony concert, you may have been counting the minutes, but you were likely enjoying it just a little more than you admitted.

A Love of Reading: Okay, so the first time your dad plunked an 800-page biography on a long-dead president you may have balked, because you had no way of knowing he was launching a lifelong love of a new genre of books.

Sports Fanaticism: Sure, this one is pretty easy to pass on, but it costs a bit! From pricey game tickets to that authentic jersey you just had to have (and don’t get us started on stadium food!), a love of sports is one that probably set your dad back a bit.

A Gourmet Appetite: Your dad was forever trying to get you to try sushi or spent his weekends perfecting rustic breads. He roasted his own coffee beans, collected high-end kitchen gadgets and basically made it impossible for you to enjoy any food out of a box.

Father Knows Best: Sometimes dads know just what to say, and sometimes in a single sentence, that tells us everything we need to know about a tough situation.

What gifts are you thankful your dad, or another father figure gave you? This Father’s Day give him the gift of telling him what he’s given you.

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