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Why Santa’s Elves Dream of Being Marketers

Who needs a team of elves when you have SJC Marketing to work on your marketing strategy?

You might think of them when you’re longing for a new pair of shoes. You appreciate their efforts when you bite into a store-bought cookie. And if you ever had to transport an important piece of jewelry across Middle Earth, you’d be sure to have one or two along.

But, by and large, the bulk of the information we know about elves comes from the North Pole. They work all year round, building toys and feeding reindeer, making sure that every time December 25 rolls around, it is a huge success.

All year long, Santa's elves are readying toys and gifts for Christmas.

We imagine them wearing red and green, with bells on the tips of their upturned toes. Every elfin head is topped with a jaunty cap, leaving plenty of room for pointy ears. And they must be sneaky because documented sightings are nonexistent. But behind the scenes, elves are making Christmas shine.

Better than Elves

For all the fun and magic that elves bring to the holiday scene, there’s something even more magical about the way that a great marketing agency like SJC can make your company shine all year. Take a look!

Your Brand: When you’ve got a cohesive, strategic approach to branding, your colors, tone and overall look are so consistent that your audience recognizes you at a glance. That’s the beauty of working with a great marketing team.

Your Strategy: It’s a great idea and you’re sure it could really take off. Whether it’s a new company, new product line or new promotion, sometimes you recognize that even the best ideas need a strategy to get some mobility behind them. That’s where a marketing team comes in. From the right taglines and color scheme to a coordinated roll-out plan, there are a lot of considerations to a successful launch.

You've got a great idea, but developing a strategy to launch it may require the help of SJC Marketing.

Your Presentation: When it comes to the perception of your brand, presentation can quickly get complicated. The expertise of a marketing agency can help:

  • Professional images that help you make the best first impression, every time
  • Video that is consistent with your branding, puts your brand in the best light and makes a connection with your audience
  • A website that not only accurately captures who you are, but works to turn visitors into customers

Your Content: Content marketing can be a bit of a mystery, sort of similar to how Santa makes it alllll the way around the world in one night. Even if you know content is important for building relationships and establishing a reputation for expertise in your industry, exactly how to make that happen can be tricky. As a business owner, you may not be able to take time to learn all of the intricacies of content:

  • Designing content for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Making sure content is accessible
  • Creating content calendars with consistent timing and balanced topics
  • Using content to increase conversions
  • Determining the mix between formats
  • Planning a strategic distribution schedule

The list goes on. From deciding on a consistent tone to making sure content is engaging and compelling, you need a little help to get it just right.

Your Website Design: This is another area that is hard to keep up-to-speed on top of your other responsibilities as a business owner. There are plenty of DIY options out there, but they tend to be more costly in the long run. They quickly get buggy, they are not customizable and they don’t do much to help you convert visitors into customers.

A good web design is worth your investment because it acts as a central hub for your marketing strategy. It not only provides information to visitors in an easily navigable way, but also leads them to each next logical step in the buying process.

Good web design takes more than elfin magic. It requires the expertise of SJC Marketing.

Your Email Marketing: Have you ever sent out an email to customers, but like a letter to Santa, you never got a response? You had such high hopes for the promotion, the product line, the new feature you were announcing.

Email marketing needs to be strategic, with a clear message and a subject line that is engaging. It can be easy to miss the mark. An experienced team like the one at SJC Marketing can help you design a good campaign, with metrics that will tell you whether it was a success.

These are just a few of the areas of marketing that you might find helpful to turn over to the experts. It would be handy if you had a team of elves ready to promote your brand and tinker all through the year to get your social media posts or your email campaigns just right. But who needs elves when you have marketing through SJC?

If a little magic is what you’re after…if making your brand shine sounds better than just getting through another day of business…if you are ready to take your business to the next level, then start the New Year with SJC Marketing. Contact us to get started!



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