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Unplanning Your 2021 Content Creation Strategy

A 2021 content creation strategy is going to be long on flexibility and creativity.

If plans have become a bit laughable around your workplace, you’re not alone. Budgets, vacation schedules and training plans all turned upside down once the pandemic hit. But doesn’t that mean that planning a content creation strategy for 2021 isn’t important.

While everyone now knows that there’s a potential for upending the best-laid plans, that doesn’t mean you should stop planning. It means that you now plan with the ninja-like flexibility you’ve gained over the last eight months (or is it just seven … somebody check, we’ve lost track).

Listen, 2021 is coming whether you plan or not, and it’s pretty likely that your competitors are making their content creation strategy. So here are some tips for creating a strategy that’s prepared for anything the next year can throw your way:

Content Continues its Reign: Content is king, as everyone knows, but it’s expanded its royal reach as you head into 2021. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, it’s no longer enough to offer a low-price deal or a satisfying exchange of goods for payment. More than ever, consumers and B2B buyers are thinking of making a purchase as an experience, and they want to do it human-to-human.

That means you need to create relationships based on trust and loyalty, and the way to do that is through content. It’s offering solutions to tricky problems in your industry. It’s creating a how-to video that causes your audience members to say, “oh, that’s how you do it!” It’s being a trusted voice in your industry that consistently puts the needs of the customer first.

More Authenticity: Things were already trending this way, but 2020 put more of an emphasis on being real with your customers and broader audiences. This means more content that reminds your audience that you’re here to help them, and you’re real people too. Think live video, lots of conversations on social media and offering deals that make things easier on struggling customers.

Don’t wait until you’re back in the office to create some good, authentic content. Show your team’s outdoor staff meeting, where you all showed up with hot chocolate and blankets to stay safe while making sure not to actually suffer in the cold. Did you find a creative way to have a holiday party? Show it off!

Better Flexibility: In 2020 you were likely forced to find some new flexibility. You maybe didn’t even know you had it in you. But when a crisis happens, those that can demonstrate some agility and shift quickly to meet customer needs are the companies that thrive. Don’t lose that quality; keep your team thinking about creative ideas that allow you to pivot to meet the needs of your buyers. And while you’re at it, don’t be content with survival; use those creative chops to move on to the final step, described next.

Think About Growth: Many companies are slashing marketing budgets, which gives you an opportunity to grab more voice in your industry. Likewise, you may see options for growing certain areas of your content creation strategy. For instance, you may want to try a podcast or venture into live videos if you haven’t tried it before.

History has shown, time and time again, that companies that invest in marketing in a recession come out on top. Rather than limping into 2021, how about going for a sprint into the new year? Our team at SJC Marketing can help you get started on a content creation strategy perfectly designed for a successful 2021.

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