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5 Reasons Companies Invest in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing allows you to compete with bigger brands and bigger marketing budgets.

If you’re still advertising in more traditional media, such as radio ads or on billboards or the sides of buses, you may wonder if adding in some digital marketing might make a difference in your ability to capture the market, especially in areas of strong competition like the Kansas City area.

While many companies have been investing in digital marketing for years, you may have been waiting to see if it is something your brand really might need.

Here are five reasons why you should consider incorporating digital marketing in your strategy for growth:

Improving Your ROI: With many traditional types of marketing, it’s challenging to trace revenue back to your marketing efforts. Who knows whether that sale came from a radio ad, a mass mailer or if they just heard about you from a friend? With digital marketing, that path is much more traceable, making it easy to demonstrate your return on investment (ROI).

For instance, if you run a social media campaign and track visitors that arrive directly from your social media post to your landing page, which then takes them to a product page, you’ll be able to tell exactly how many customers resulted from your social media campaign. What’s more, you can run individual landing pages for each type of digital marketing you use, to make it easy to track which techniques are doing the most for your growth.

Targeting Audiences: Using tools like Facebook Analytics and Google Analytics, you can learn more about who is most interested in your products and services, what types of jobs and interests they have and where they spend the most time online. This allows you to create content and products that are most appealing to them, tailoring their experiences based on segments of your target market.

Become Easily “Findable”: When you search your company name on Google, is yours the first entry on the results page? How about if you search for your product name or for the generic type of product you make? Digital marketing and, more specifically, the use of search engine optimization (SEO) best practices make your brand and your company more findable online. It means that the more you are matching with your website and content what your audiences are looking for, the better your ranking will be on search engines.

Claim More Voice: As you engage in digital marketing, you’ll gain more influence and voice in the Kansas City market for your industry. This means, for instance, that when a controversial issue in your industry is being discussed on LinkedIn, you’re part of the discussion. As you keep engaging in conversations, your reputation will grow and your brand will hold some distinction in the digital realm.

Real-Time Engagement: One of the benefits of digital marketing is that it’s so immediate. If a follower comments on your Facebook post, you can immediately engage with them and continue the conversation. Whether it’s a complaint, a question or a simple comment, you have the opportunity to build relationships through a digital marketing strategy.

Interested in learning more about digital marketing in Kansas City or other competitive areas? Our team at SJC Marketing can help you develop the best strategy for getting started.

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