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Small Business Marketing Plans for Creating an Effective Website

Your B2B marketing should be more focused than ever on listening to your target market.

Have you ever gone online to find out more about a company and discover they don’t have an updated website or their website is hard to maneuver? Your next move was probably to cross them off your list as a potential source of goods/services and quickly move on to one of their competitors. Don’t risk having the same happen to you. Small business marketing strategies demand building an informative company website.

If you’re not convinced taking the time and energy to create a better website is going to be of value to your company, consider that more than 60% of consumer buying begins with online searches. And with millions of consumers going online daily, that means it is critical to have an optimized website.

Marketing and Your Website

A quality website helps to establish trust with the consumer. Trust is established through a clean design that is also mobile-friendly. This means if you have great content, but it’s difficult to access, consumers may leave your site before they ever get to your content.

Marketing comes in many forms, most of which can be integrated with your website. For example, when you put a page on your site dedicated to customer reviews, don’t be surprised if you see conversion rates double. It’s been proven many times over that consumers value the opinion of other consumers, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to let your customers do the advertising for you.

Linking to Your Website

Lead generation efforts might seem difficult in your small business marketing campaigns, so make it easier by building up your website so it’s a great place to land when you share content via your social media channels.

Let’s say you have a great blog, white paper or product promotion you share via social media. To gain access to the information, the user should be able to click a link that goes to a page on your website where they can enter their contact information. It’s an easy and productive method for helping your target audience and helping build a more functional email list for your organization.

Building a clean and functional website takes a professional’s touch. At SJC Marketing, we assist our clients in small business marketing campaigns, building content, providing expert guidance on how to share it and assist with website design so it’s optimized for maximum exposure. Let’s talk about getting more eyes on your brand.

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