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Small business marketing best practices highlight the importance of having a quality company website.
Small Business Marketing Plans for Creating an Effective Website

Have you ever gone online to find out more about a company and discover they don’t have an updated website or their website is hard to maneuver? Your next move was probably to cross them off your list as a potential source of goods/services and quickly move on to one of their competitors.  Don’t risk […]

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Social media marketing success can’t be measured simply by looking at vanity metrics.
What Metrics in Social Media Marketing Really Matter?

While your company probably knows you should be engaging in social media marketing, you may struggle to identify goals and then determine how, or if, social media is contributing to any success. Do likes or other vanity metrics have any value, or should marketers be focused on another measure of impact? It’s important for you […]

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When writing your marketing strategy, consider that today, content marketing is marketing.
Creating a Marketing Strategy With the Biggest Trends of 2019

It’s Time to Update Your Marketing Strategy Your marketing strategy should be a balance of tried-and-true, foundational principles, executed using the latest trends. For instance, you’re always telling your brand story to your target audiences; how you tell it is what’s shaped by the latest and most up-to-date techniques. As you create your strategy for […]

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