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Video Marketing Tips for Engaging With Your Audience

With the right approach to video marketing, your content will boost your brand.

The masses have spoken; video is what they want. According to a Cisco annual Internet report, 82% of consumer Internet traffic will be comprised of video in 2021. That should motivate you to make video marketing a part of your strategy for content distribution if you haven’t already.

The beauty of video is its versatility. You can use it to boost conversions and sales, build trust with your target audience, improve your search ranking, explain how to use your products/services, engage potential buyers who are reluctant to absorb other forms of marketing, and bring more attention to your social media channels, just to name a handful.

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Another powerful weapon that should be in your video marketing arsenal is the question and answer method of informing your target audience. As you know, consumers flock to the Internet to become informed buyers, and they’ve got many questions that you need to answer. Your approach to this can be persuasive, so follow these tips and turn your leads into buyers.

  • Sourcing Questions
    As you plan your video marketing Q&A, make a formal request for queries. Use your email subscription list and let your contacts know what you’re up to and what questions they have that you can answer during the future Q&A. You can also do some research, such as on the “People Also Ask” section in Google, to find out what’s relevant in your industry.
  • Go Live
    Use your Facebook account’s Facebook Live feature to host a session where you ask what questions your followers have. This is a real-time method of interacting with your audience and it assures them that you are interested in finding solutions for their needs, plus it gives you material for your upcoming video marketing Q&A.
  • Write the Script
    All the preplanning gives you the opportunity to write a flawless script that keeps everything interesting. Craft answers that are concise and informative, and perhaps even entertaining if that’s appropriate.
  • Make a Quality Recording
    Nobody is expecting your video Q&A to have a Hollywood-level of professional quality to it, so don’t be afraid to use your iPhone to record it. Just be sure to use a tripod or something similar so the video doesn’t come out shaky. Also, be sure you’re well-lit and that your background is visually appropriate/not distracting. Eliminate any background noise so your audio is clear and look at your camera lens, not your monitor.
  • Publishing the Video
    Your knowledge of your target audience should include knowing where they lurk online, which is where you’ll want to post notices (links to a landing page) of your video.

If the idea of producing your own videos is intimidating, reach out to a third party that has experience and proven results in creating video marketing content. At SJC Marketing, we’re assisting organizations in many industries produce high-quality videos that engage the audience, answer questions and provide a host of advantages that lead to more sales. Let’s talk about our approach to creating content for your organization.

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