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The Power of Social Media Marketing

Be more impactful with your social media marketing by building content for the right platforms.

If you’re using social media marketing to your advantage, you will know where to put the content that’s tailored to meet a specific audience. For example, did you know that Facebook is where most of your audience age 40 to 54 will go to follow brands? Instagram, however, is attracting a much younger audience – those aged 4 to 24.

According to a survey by Sprout Social, 53% of C-level marketers are struggling to prove that their efforts in social media are paying off. We’ve seen clients from many industries struggle with understanding the benefits of social media and how that translates into customers, especially those in financing. Download our white paper on the importance of social media for community banks to get a clear picture of the key role it plays if you are in the world of finance (or any industry for that matter).

For those utilizing social media as a key part of their marketing strategy, the survey found that 89% are using Facebook for brand marketing. Also used for brand marketing, though to a lesser extent are Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Messenger, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Pinterest. Each platform attracts a specific audience, which means you have to tweak your content to speak to each audience. Furthermore, some of your products/services might be better suited with a marketing focus on one platform rather than spreading yourself too thin on platforms that will likely underperform.

Going Live

Close to 42% of companies in the survey said they have a strategy for Facebook Live. Another 31% said they have plans to create strategies for Live, but only 24% of marketers are utilizing YouTube Live. If you’re trying to reach a younger audience, don’t skip out on YouTube Live, because this is where Generation Z is flocking today.

Another video outlet to dive into includes Instagram Stories, which almost half of marketers are using today. Stories offer a quick and engaging format that is great for the mobile experience. About a third of all stories on the platform are created for businesses marketing purposes.

With careful thought ahead of time, Stories can be a great marketing tool to connect to your target audience. You will need to have all your hashtags worked out as well as geotags and know which products or services you want to showcase and how you’ll create visually appealing content.

Content That Hits Home

Among the most popular social media marketing posts are those that entertain and engage your audience. The survey shows that 67% of consumers prefer entertaining posts, but almost 37% said they are most engaged with posts that included information about sales or discounts. If you know your target audience, you’ll know which way to lean. If you feel like you need some assistance in getting to know your target audience a little better so that you can market to them with more impact, you should try social listening. This is the process of monitoring digital conversations so that you will know more about what they’re saying regarding your brand or your industry as a whole.

At SJC Marketing, we’re invested in social media marketing and we have the tools you need to make your efforts more impactful. Contact us and let’s talk about your brand, your audience and how we can get more eyes on your content.

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