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The Role of White Space in Design Composition

White space is an important element in design composition, helping direct the focus of users as they browse your website.

You probably won’t have any trouble making decisions related to font and color scheme, images and menus that you’d like to include on your website’s design composition. You probably have much more trouble envisioning the white space that a smart design includes.

Maybe you think of white space as wasted space on any given web page, but white space is to design composition what silence is to music composition. You don’t immediately think of it as important, but it gives context and shape to its surrounding elements. These are the important benefits that white space brings to your web page:

Enhancing comprehension: White space allows users to easily look at your page and know what the page is about. If content is packed in too tightly, it’s much more difficult to ascertain the core purpose of the page.

Focusing attention: The right use of white space makes it easy for users to focus on your priorities. Maybe it’s your best-selling product, showcased front and center, without competing images that draw attention away from that product.

Highlighting the call to action: It’s easy for a call to action to get lost in the shuffle of a visually busy website. It should be easy to locate, set apart by contrasting colors and clear instructions, such as “buy now” or “learn more” and in the right balance of white space.

Logical groupings: When you have a set of something to display, whether it’s pictures of employees that lead to bios or product images, it’s important to use white space to make clear that you’re grouping those items together.

Brand messaging: Your white space has something to say about your brand. Are you serious and newsy? You might want a tighter feel to your white space. A luxury brand might be lavish with white space to convey that roominess or comfort.

Your white space is an important element of your design composition. It can feel like a waste, because you’re forced to spread your content out across more pages, but it prevents your website from feeling noisy.

At SJC Marketing, we’re just as passionate about white space as we are any other part of website design, and we know how to convey a lot of brand messaging in that visual silence. Contact us to learn more about the role design composition plays in helping your business grow.

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