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4 Social Media Marketing Tips to Improve Your Traffic

Let your company culture shine through more effective marketing techniques.

We’re all trying to get more traffic to our social media pages, because the more that comes your way, the more powerful your brand becomes and the more consumers become engaged with your organization. Here are four tips to give your social media marketing a boost:

All Roads Lead to Your Social

It’s a strategy organizations across industries make standard today — social media pages are linked on the home page, so all visitors to your website can quickly and easily jump to your social media pages, become members and start engaging more.

Boost Communication

Sensitive situations might prompt you to turn off comments on some posts, but you should have a policy of allowing comments on everything else because this is your opportunity to see what your followers think and to start/continue a conversation with them.

The more communication you have with your target audience, the more you can structure future goals around their feedback, because what they want matters most.


If you’ve passed on chatbots in the past because the technology just wasn’t there yet, it’s now a great time to jump on the chatbot bandwagon.

You can install a Facebook customer chatbot that will bring great value to your social media marketing. Aside from the fact that you’re giving your followers an opportunity to interact with you, you’re providing them on opt-in to Facebook Messenger, which means you get their contact information for future interaction with them.


The term “click-to-tweet” is actually a tool that gives you the ability to craft tweets with small snippets from a larger piece of content. What this does is make it easier for your followers to tweet about something you’ve created.

Need more tips on improving your social media marketing? Let SJC Marketing be your guide to more robust strategies and work towards your goals of landing more traffic. Contact us and let’s get started on a strategy that will make your brand shine.

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