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3 Strategies for Increased Engagement With Facebook Ads

Have you installed Facebook pixel? It’s a great tool for engaging with a larger audience through Facebook ads.

Knowing exactly who you should target in an ad campaign is vital to getting a good return on your investment. The same is true of Facebook ads. You can target those who have an interest in products like the one you’re promoting. You can target people visiting your website or you can target people who follow you on Instagram or Facebook. We would love to help you put together a strategy to reach these people, all you need to do is call!  Once you know who you are targeting and have developed a strategy, here are three tips to increase engagement on your ad campaign:

Going Cold

The “cold purchase test” is Facebook’s terminology for persuading people who see your ad and immediately jump to purchase the product. These are often the people who are in the market for the exact genre of product you’re offering.

It might seem like they’re making a compulsive purchase, but they’ve probably been doing research on the product for some time and are triggered when they see the right kind of ad.

This type of Facebook ad is a good introduction, but it’s recommended to utilize the two other types also. If you only focus on this strategy you will wear out the hyper-responsive audience rather quickly and you’ll soon find your ROI (return on investment) going down.


Have you installed Facebook pixel? It’s a code that you put on your website that helps track conversions from your Facebook ads. This helps you optimize ads and build a targeted audience that you can dip into for future campaigns.

For those who have installed the code and have at least a few thousand visitors each month, you should begin a remarketing campaign. In this type of campaign, you can reach out to people who you know have come to your website, but haven’t entered the buy cycle.

First, you need to build up your target audience list. You can do this by going to Ads Manager and click on “audiences” in the “assets column.” Once you click on audiences, you can build a custom audience. Simply select “website traffic” under “use your sources.” Next, select “any” along with your Facebook pixel, and then choose “all website visitors.”

This will create the largest custom audience, which means you have the potential to see the greatest possible ROI on your Facebook ads.

Seeking Out Followers

If you’ve yet to install Facebook pixel, fear not; there are still options available to you. Basically, you want to look for leads that have the best chance of jumping into the buy cycle, and these are often the people you’ve interacted with on Instagram and Facebook.

Again, you’ll need to create a custom audience, but this time, choose “Facebook page” as the source rather than “website traffic.” You’ll create a second list by choosing “Instagram business profile.” You can follow this tutorial to get the step-by-step instruction when you do.

There are many ways to attract new followers and keep current followers loyal to your brand. At SJC Marketing, that’s what we do for our clients. Contact us and let’s talk about your brand, your upcoming campaign and how we can assist.

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