3 Steps to Creating Facebook Ads

Create video Facebook ads with this easy guide for improved lead generation.

Improve Lead Generation With Video

You may have heard that visuals are dominating audiences’ attention on Facebook, but did you know that you can bump up your lead generation efforts with Facebook ads? Not only are they easy to create, you can set a budget and try one out inexpensively before committing to a big spend.

Sounds like a foolproof plan, right? Take a look at three steps to help you create a Facebook ad to help your brand shine:

Create your ad: The first step requires you to make a choice between recording something yourself or choosing an online video editing tool. If you’re focusing on authenticity, recording something in-house may be just the thing, but if you’re wanting a more polished look, you might try a tool like Crello. You’ll choose from one of four basic formats, based on what you intend to do with your ad, besides using it on Facebook. If you plan to repurpose it on Instagram, choose the Instagram Stories format.

Make sure your messaging is clear, your design is clean and there’s a clear call to action. Have someone else watch it and tell you what they think you want them to do based on the ad. You should also keep in mind that Facebook ads that are spammy or withhold information are restricted by Facebook.

Set up your ad: Facebook ads are easy to publish with the intuitive, user-friendly tools they provide. Go to Facebook ads manager and choose “Video Views” as your marketing objective. Next, you’ll identify your audience. You may already have a saved audience, or you may need to create one with specific age, location, gender, interests and demographics. Finally, you’ll choose your placement and your budget. You can start out with a low budget and see how your ad performs. If lead generation spikes, consider increasing your ad dollars.

Monitor and revise: Once you’ve had time to measure how your Facebook ad is doing, you can tweak the timing, audience or text of the ad to see how it affects performance. The goal is lead generation, but determining what counts as a lead may take some thought. Maybe your ad resulted in hundreds of followers, but what you really wanted was visitors to your site. Make adjustments to help meet your goals.

To learn more about producing engaging Facebook ads, contact us at SJC Marketing. From guidance on specific social media tasks to comprehensive social media marketing management, we can help you avoid the guesswork of digital marketing.

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