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Monday Morning Coffee and Some 4th of July Reflections

Monday Morning Coffee is a weekly celebration of local businesses, enjoyed with a fresh cup of coffee.

You know it’s 4th of July in the Midwest when neighborhood front doors display patriotic wreaths and sidewalks are dotted with shiny pinwheels. There’s the distant pop of firecrackers nearly all day long, followed by the excited voices of children. For many communities, the parks are full of family picnics and you can find a colorful fireworks tent on the roadside every couple of miles. This season is a reminder that with everything that changes, some things seem to stay the same. It’s a reminder that traditions are still powerful and they help tie us to our region and also our local communities.

The same is true in marketing. While digital and web trends come and go, and audiences drive new-and-improved versions of social media platforms and guide marketing strategy by engagement spikes, the principles of communicating with audiences remain consistent.

As you think about your business and the conversations you have with customers every day, consider “sense of place” as an angle. The 4th of July holiday is a great time for a visual reminder that sense of place still matters. Grounding your content in places that are familiar to your audience can help build feelings of trust and loyalty. Here are a few ideas for establishing a sense of place within your content:

– Look for local businesses and nonprofit organizations to tag in your posts. Ask your team what local summertime favorites they enjoy most, and then include those businesses in your content. It’s a great way to share an “inside” view of your company and boost engagement, too.

– Show flashback or historic images with your content. Even old photos of the way things used to be around your block – or your employees five or 10 years ago – can be interesting to audiences. (Or maybe good for a laugh!)

– Use zip code tools for your digital ads. New opportunities to zero in on region-specific marketing are unfolding all the time.

– Create video content that describes why your business is located in the region you chose. Is it the creative spirit? Is it the philosophies and way of life line up with how you want to serve your customers? Tell the story of why you’re in the place you’re in.

– Use your region as an outreach tool. Look for regional association-based events where you may be one of only a few in your industry to participate, like big meetings or trade shows. If everyone else there is from a different region, you can stand out as the organization with local know-how.

–  Make sure you have a good story on your About Us tab of your website. Does it need refreshing? Does it demonstrate how you are connected to your community? Now is the time to make these changes.

As you celebrate the heart of summer and the 4th of July, take a moment to think about the elements of your city or specific place that have helped fuel your success. Why not use your conversations with audiences to thank these people and places that have a place in your story?

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