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Why Focus on LinkedIn Marketing?

Capturing More Clicks on LinkedIn for Businesses More than any other platform,

LinkedIn has been targeted as a lead-generating machine by companies focusing on both B2B and B2C marketing campaigns. LinkedIn marketing efforts continue to grow, particularly in the B2B world as nearly 90% of digital marketing specialists in this space say they use LinkedIn in their outreach strategy.

If you haven’t used this channel for your outreach, there are several valuable reasons why you should consider it:

It’s Highly Versatile

Your marketing campaigns aren’t always going to be the same. Whether it’s a paid advertising campaign, cause marketing related, relationship marketing or just trying to generate leads, LinkedIn is the versatile channel for doing all of it.

Adding to this flexibility/versatility is the inclusion of native video functionality. Inspired by how Facebook users utilize video, LinkedIn rolled this option out in 2018 as a way to increase in-feed engagement while giving their platform greater usability.

Huge Audience

LinkedIn boasts 500 million users, 250 million of which are monthly active users. Utilizing the various filters offered in this channel, you can fine-tune your approach and zero in on the exact target audience you’re looking to engage with.

Educate Yourself

To make the most impact on your target audience, you have to know everything you can possibly find out about them. To get the most out of your LinkedIn marketing efforts you have to take on a fair amount of research dedicated to knowing what your customers want, how they prefer to be approached, what outreach content is most effective and using LinkedIn as a tool to better engage with your followers and attract more.

Fortunately, LinkedIn is filled with content that allows you to delve deep and find out a lot about the people you want to engage with.

Going Organic

LinkedIn states it tracked a 55% year-on-year increase in conversations between users connected on their platform. There has also been a 60% rise in content creation. This is all part of a movement toward more organic ways of improving reach and developing content that is tailored to fit specific segments of an audience.

It only makes sense to use organic marketing approaches to fill the spaces between paid campaigns. And it’s really not terribly different from the approach you take in other types of marketing. For example, you’re trying to build up your brand presence through regular quality posts, gain more visibility and engage, engage, engage.

LinkedIn marketing can be another way for you to gain traction, because as organizations in practically every industry spin their wheels looking hoping to find solid ground, putting the right message out to the right audience can be the guiding light on the path forward.

If you need assistance gaining more engagement on LinkedIn reach out to our team. We are actively helping many others who need that little extra boost to reach their goals. Let’s talk about where you want to be in your marketing; we’ll help get you there.

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