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Monday Morning Coffee Talk About Overcoming Your Fear

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Somehow outsourcing marketing can seem a bit scary. Not running-from-a-vampire scary, but what-if-I-waste-resources kind of scary. We get it. But really, we aren’t scary (in fact … we think we are a lot of fun)! And if you get over your fear of outsourcing and let us partner with you; we can really help your brand shine!

We wanted to share a few reasons why it could be scarier not to outsource your marketing:

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know: You might think that your website is fine, your social media profile is doing its thing and your search engine optimization (SEO) is about what you’d expect. But what if you aren’t even using the right metrics to know if these things are on track? What if you’re turning away visitors because your website loads slowly or isn’t all that great on a mobile device?

Finding out you’re missing opportunities? Yep, pretty terrifying.

Your View is Limited: You might have someone in-house that’s been handling your social media, or you might have a sales rep that’s a pretty good writer, so they’ve been composing your monthly email newsletter. That is great. But for much less than the cost of another hire, you can have access to the expertise of an entire team of marketers. We’re not just talking about marketing specialists; we’re also talking about a graphic design team, web designers and content specialists that ensure your content creates new opportunities.

Your Brand Isn’t Consistent Across Platforms: Outsourcing your marketing helps ensure that your colors are always exact, your voice is consistent and your brand story always comes through. Otherwise, it’s easy for different messages to start competing with each other in your social media marketing, email marketing and every other communication until you don’t sound like you anymore.

Jumping in with a marketing partner will require a little courage, but not nearly as much courage as the risks you’re taking by not investing in your future growth. Contact us at SJC Marketing for an initial consultation. Find out what we can do to make your brand shine!

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