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Who Are You Trying To Reach With LinkedIn?

Optimizing the company page improves strategies relevant to LinkedIn for businesses.

When your marketing outreach seeks to reach “everyone,” it is likely your content won’t reach the target market you should be focusing on. Using social media tactics, such as those relevant to LinkedIn for businesses, that narrow the scope of content to land on only your target audience, is an important part of your marketing strategy.

Building Your Best Audience

With close to 20 million active users on LinkedIn, it makes sense to devote some time to this platform where users are often focused not just on career development, but on reaching company goals.

LinkedIn is a space where you have great tools at your disposal, such as message ads, sponsored content and text ads where you can make the most of your outreach. Simply choose your objective and LinkedIn will present you with options that will help you fine-tune your content so you can build up an audience.

Optimizing the Company Page

To further build your audience, marketers focused on strategies related to LinkedIn for businesses will optimize their company’s LinkedIn page by doing the following:

  • Be SEO Friendly
    Keywords are highly important for effective SEO campaigns. Your company profile should include keywords that your target audience uses to find your products/services.
  • Share Content
    When you share relevant industry content, you’re going to improve your ranking, which can get more eyes on your company page.
  • Link It Up
    Not only do you want to drive traffic to your company website where you can turn more effective lead generation campaigns, but you also want to lead the right people to your LinkedIn company page. Add the link in your content in other platforms you use, such as blogs, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Stay Active

Most strategies involved in LinkedIn for businesses will include keeping an active presence by joining groups. This is a chance to engage with others in your industry, keep your “ear to the ground” about developing trends, and give you a chance to impart knowledge to an eager audience.

Staying active like this keeps you in the conversation and will drive more traffic your way, which equates to more business. You can even create your own LinkedIn group, which allows you the chance to expand upon your thought leadership capabilities.

Need some assistance with your LinkedIn for businesses strategy? Contact us at SJC and let’s talk about your audience, your goals and how we can get your closer to them. Creating the right strategy takes an expert touch, so let us be part of your plan for growth.

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