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5 Common Landing Page Design Mistakes

Is your landing page design too busy or not optimized for mobile? Make sure your landing page works for you.

Your landing page is a great transition point between a social media post or advertisement and a purchase.  However, if visitors are landing on your page and quickly clicking away, your landing page design needs to be refreshed.

You Forgot Your Marie Kondo. Your landing page design might be too cluttered. Whether it’s too many graphics, too many words or confusion surrounding what your landing page is about, it’s working against you. Opt for clean lines, concise text and a clear purpose. It should mimic the design of the ad or post that sent them to the landing page.

You’re Like a Bossy Older Sister. “Learn more!” “Start today!” “Subscribe now!” If you have more than one call to action (CTA), your visitors might bail on your landing page. Determine what your landing page design is about and what you would like your visitors to do next and include your (one) CTA.

Don’t go to the other extreme and skip the CTA in your design. Your visitors want to know what the next step is and will be frustrated if it seems like they’ve landed in a dead zone of your website.

You’re All Business. A landing page that’s all text without anything visual may lose customers quickly. Your purpose is to engage with your potential customers, and guess what? They like images, video, anything to break up the words. That’s right. We’re all still looking for the books with lots of pictures.

You’re Losing Them at The Fifteenth Question. Is your landing page designed to gain new subscribers to your email newsletter? Great. You don’t need to know their shoe size or favorite Beatles song to add them to an email list. Visitors arriving at your landing page may be willing to fill out a form, but it better be short, or you’ll lose them.

It’s Just Okay for Mobile. Your landing page design better be awesome, and it better be awesome everywhere. Everywhere you look in Kansas City, people are on smartphones. They aren’t waiting until they get home and get comfortable with their laptop or desktop to look at your site. If you’re not optimized for mobile, with landing pages that look amazing, it’s time to prioritize it.

Look, we’ve all designed a landing page that didn’t go quite right. At SJC Marketing, the difference is that we know why your page design wasn’t quite right, and we know how to fix it.

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