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Your lead generation efforts may get better results when your Instagram traffic is first filtered through a landing page.
3 Ways a Landing Page Improves Instagram Lead Generation

While an engaging Instagram presence may drive some traffic to your website, you may be able to multiply your lead generation by creating an Instagram landing page. A landing page ensures that visitors filtering into your website from social media know where to head next. Here are three tips that build conversions: The 5-Second Test: […]

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Is your landing page design too busy or not optimized for mobile? Make sure your landing page works for you.
5 Common Landing Page Design Mistakes

Your landing page is a great transition point between a social media post or advertisement and a purchase.  However, if visitors are landing on your page and quickly clicking away, your landing page design needs to be refreshed. You Forgot Your Marie Kondo. Your landing page design might be too cluttered. Whether it’s too many […]

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A landing page should be simple and include a clear call to action displayed in full view.
Do You Know What Your Landing Page Needs?

When a visitor to your website via social media or a search page arrives at your product page, they are likely to turn away without making a purchase. They simply aren’t ready. A good landing page eases the entry to your website and tells them what next step to take. Findings by Monetate show that […]

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