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3 Ways a Landing Page Improves Instagram Lead Generation

Your lead generation efforts may get better results when your Instagram traffic is first filtered through a landing page.

While an engaging Instagram presence may drive some traffic to your website, you may be able to multiply your lead generation by creating an Instagram landing page. A landing page ensures that visitors filtering into your website from social media know where to head next.

Here are three tips that build conversions:

The 5-Second Test: Not only should your landing page have a consistent look with the post that invited visitors to your site, but it should quickly help them move forward. In order to test whether your landing page is doing this effectively, run a 5-second test. Your test should include several questions with these general themes:

  • What is the purpose of this landing page?
  • Did the page load quickly?
  • Where did you feel compelled to click first?
  • Did anything stand out on the page?
  • Was the offer enticing to you?

You can run a test like this through a service called UsabilityHub for a fee, which allows you to invite friends and place a time limit on their viewing, or you can do an informal version of this test.

Prioritize Consistency: There are two important reasons that your landing page should be consistent with the post that preceded it on Instagram:

  • It makes visitors feel comfortable, because they recognize the graphics, imagery, colors and font from your posts and they’ll feel assured they’re in the right place.
  • Whatever you did on your post was effective enough to make them click the call to action (CTA), so use it to spur more lead generation.

If social media and lead generation is spread across multiple teams, marketing departments need to ensure that a style book or branding kit is readily available for creating consistency in marketing efforts.

Monitor Your Lead Generation: Using analytics you can determine how much of your traffic is coming from Instagram and whether the landing page is increasing the likelihood that visitors will journey on to your website. You should also do some A/B testing when you launch a new landing page or go a different direction with your Instagram posts to see if they are more-or-less effective.

Whether you need help tweaking a landing page, or you’re looking for comprehensive social media management, our team at SJC Marketing has you covered.

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