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Your lead generation efforts may get better results when your Instagram traffic is first filtered through a landing page.
3 Ways a Landing Page Improves Instagram Lead Generation

While an engaging Instagram presence may drive some traffic to your website, you may be able to multiply your lead generation by creating an Instagram landing page. A landing page ensures that visitors filtering into your website from social media know where to head next. Here are three tips that build conversions: The 5-Second Test: […]

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Lead generation strategies in pay-per-click advertising.
Boost Your Lead Generation and Capture More Valuable Targets With PPC

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising comes at a cost, but it is proven to bring increased leads to your website. In fact, it’s estimated that people who click on an ad and come to your website are 50% more likely to make a purchase than those who arrive at your website through other means. If you want […]

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Extract information from your viewers by gating your video content with a contact form.
Are Videos a Part of Your Lead Generation Campaign?

If Not, It’s Time to Focus on Video Marketing We’ve been watching the trend for a few years now and it’s really starting to take off — video now accounts for the bulk of online traffic. It is also a key part of lead generation efforts for many organizations. If you’ve only dipped your toes […]

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