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Are Videos a Part of Your Lead Generation Campaign?

Extract information from your viewers by gating your video content with a contact form.

If Not, It’s Time to Focus on Video Marketing

We’ve been watching the trend for a few years now and it’s really starting to take off — video now accounts for the bulk of online traffic. It is also a key part of lead generation efforts for many organizations.

If you’ve only dipped your toes in video marketing, now’s the time to put a heavier focus on this key marketing tool.

The following are some important tips to consider as you build out your video marketing strategy:

  • Landing Page Video
    According to WyzOwl’s survey “The State of Video Marketing 2018,” 95% of the respondents said they watch an organization’s explainer video to get more background. That’s why you need to have this video on your landing page for a solid conversion rate.
  • Extract Information
    If you have high confidence that users are going to want access to your video, you can obtain key information them before they are allowed to see it. For example, add a form at the beginning of the video where the user can fill out their email and name, or other information if you’re targeting a specific audience. Keep in mind that if the user has just stumbled upon your site and knows little to nothing about you, they’re less likely to fill out forms.
  • Perfect your CTA
    The call to action (CTA) remains an integral part of search engine optimization (SEO) tactics, but it also needs to be part of your video marketing strategy. By offering this in your videos, you’re giving your users the information they need to make the next step. This is valuable lead generation material because you’re moving them faster through the buy cycle.
  • Create a Story — Not a Sale
    One way to cut through all the clutter is to steer clear of trying to make an advertisement and focus on creating a narrative that addresses the needs of your target audience. What value can you provide them while meeting their needs?

At SJC Marketing, we’re assisting clients with new ways to generate leads, including video. Contact us and we’ll walk you through our process and show you how it can help you reach more people in an impactful way.

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