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Do You Know What Your Landing Page Needs?

A landing page should be simple and include a clear call to action displayed in full view.

When a visitor to your website via social media or a search page arrives at your product page, they are likely to turn away without making a purchase. They simply aren’t ready. A good landing page eases the entry to your website and tells them what next step to take.

Findings by Monetate show that 25% of all online shoppers begin with a product page, but 70% of them leave before choosing to spend.

The landing page acts as a bridge between the social media site or the email marketing message and detailed product pages. It helps the visitor decide if they want to proceed on to your site. With the right landing page, you’ll encourage them to move on in their journey. Here are a few guidelines for creating an effective landing page:

Customize: Your landing page is never a one-size-fits-all project. It should be different based on the original starting point of your customer (whether that’s social media, organic search or a piece of content), and should be tailored to that specific target audience. It should also be consistent with the original location.

For instance, if you post on social media that you’re running a promotion that’s offering 15%, so click here (in a range of purple tones), then your landing page needs to include a blazing 15% off in purple tones.

Instruct: When a visitor arrives at a landing page, they want to know what to do next. Are you inviting them to explore your product page, watch a video or subscribe to your email newsletter? Know what you want their next step to be, and clearly invite them to take it.

Don’t Distract: There aren’t a lot of rules about what you should include on your landing page, but keep in mind that less is more. For instance, you don’t want to include pricing unless it’s a situation where you’re offering a product for markedly less than your competitors. You also should avoid a lot of complex navigation. If you’re not sure what to include on your landing page, focus on a great image and a call-to-action.

Need some assistance creating a great landing page? Our team at SJC Marketing specializes in tailoring landing pages to your brand message and your intended purpose for the page.

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