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Utilizing Content Marketing to Increase Leads

Bridging the gap with content marketing strategies leads to a higher return on investment.

Your organization needs leads you can count on, which means the leads need to be high quality. Can content marketing help provide more qualified leads? The answer is yes. According to Content Marketing Institute (CMI), businesses that are doing content marketing right, see a larger number of quality leads and a higher level of trust among consumers.

Upping the Conversion Rate

HubSpot found that 61% of businesses find generating leads to be a major challenge. That’s not a surprise when you consider how few marketers realize that there is a lot to be accomplished in creating outbound campaigns.

When a content marketing campaign has an outbound focus, conversion rates can shoot up to six times what they were before the campaign was started. This can equate to a return on investment that is almost four times higher.

Nurturing Profits

When you nurture a lead, the buy cycle is longer than a quick sale, but it’s worth it because nurtured leads bring in almost 50% more when they do finally convert. Guess what nurtures leads better than anything? It’s content marketing.

Don’t risk losing all the money you spent trying to gain the attention of your target audience; spend more time and energy using content marketing in a nurturing method and you’ll see results. The key is to stay in touch with them, know where they are in the buy cycle and feed them the information they need to progress.

Education Through Content

Awareness leads to higher sales, and that’s what your outreach should provide prospective customers. You want to be a trusted source, and that’s where your content plays a huge role. The educational information from your content can turn a cold lead into a hot one.

When you educate your target audience, you’re giving them the tools they need to resolve their issues.

Need more tips on creating a high-value content marketing plan? Contact us at SJC Marketing and we can help you meet your business growth goals.

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