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Is Your Social Media Marketing Engaging Your Audience?

Social media marketing efforts improve when lines of communication are open.

Are you looking for more engagement with your social media marketing? If activity among your target audience is waning, it’s possible that you are out of touch with what your audience is looking for.

You are well aware of the value of social media for attracting new customers, continuing the conversation with existing customers and establishing brand loyalty, but sometimes it’s hard not to get in a rut with posts. It’s at that point that the likes, follows and interactions may begin to trend downward. How can you keep your content fresh and your audience engaged?

Establishing Communication Goals

It is key for your strategy to have a list of goals that can help you be successful. Obviously, your overall objective is to end the year with more profits than you had last year, but you need to get more granular in order to realize that goal.

Be open to questions your audience might have, and provide them a platform to ask those questions, leave comments and ideas. Give them the opportunity to weigh in, positive or negative, will help you make fact-based decisions later about how to refine your strategy.

When you listen to your target audience, you get a better idea of the direction you need to go, either in your product offerings or how you should approach social media outreach.

Choosing the Right Platform

The following list is a good beginning to research how you should invest in each platform by showing you the number of users engaging with each platform:

  • Facebook – 1.66 billion daily active viewers
  • Twitter – 330 million monthly active viewers
  • YouTube – More than 1 billion registered users
  • LinkedIn – 575 million registered users
  • Instagram – More than 800 million active users
  • Pinterest – 322 million monthly users

That list though will speak to your organization differently than it will to someone else’s. For example, a B2B marketing effort is better suited to LinkedIn than it might be to Pinterest, but for someone that has products they want to put in front of consumers, Pinterest might win out.

Choosing the right platform is not just about numbers, it’s about knowing your audience. When you know your audience, you know where they lurk. Don’t try to have a presence on all of the platforms. Choose only the ones that will give you the best chance at a return on your time and/or money investment.

If you don’t know exactly where your audience goes to get their information and are struggling to craft the right message to them, let our team at SJC Marketing help. We’re assisting clients in many industries create content and distribute it in the right places. If getting the conversation started with the right group of consumers is a challenge, we’ll get it rolling for you. Let’s work together to get more eyes on your brand.

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