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Enjoy Your Monday Morning Coffee as We Celebrate Photography

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Since May is National Photography Month, we asked our SJC photographer to share a little about her journey with photography. So, as you linger over your cup of coffee, enjoy reading about account manager Jessica Stewart’s passion for the art of photography.

I’m excited that May is a time to recognize the art of photography as it is my passion and part of my job. And May happens to be my birth month. What a great combination!

My love for photography started in high school, while taking a basic journalism class. This led to stints on the newspaper and yearbook staff. After high school, I attended the University of Missouri and studied photojournalism. After a long career as a photojournalist I joined SJC Marketing where I continue to share my passion of photography.

I was lucky enough to make photography my career, but for many it is just a hobby that they hold dear. Investing in camera equipment and spending time in the darkroom was a commitment for those who started in years past. With the invention of the iPhone things have changed and everyone can now document every aspect of their life in pictures easily.

I suggest everyone go out and celebrate National Photography Month. Spring is one of the best times to make beautiful images. Whether it’s taking family portraits, documenting your pet or taking photos of abstract objects, it’s a great way to express yourself and show others the world through your eyes.

Photographs tell our stories. The next generations can connect with ancestors through pictures. A click of the shutter freezes a moment in time. Those snapshots are a window into the past.

If you think photography is not your strong suit check out others work. Pick up a book by a photographer whose style you like, visit a museum or photo gallery. Take some time to learn from others and their work.

I had an editor once tell me it’s not what kind of camera you use, it’s how you use it. Lay on the ground, stand on a chair, see your subject from a different angle. Go out early in the morning or at sunset. Shoot whatever catches your eye. Make one frame, shoot 100, just have fun!

At SJC Marketing, we love visual images and the different way photographs can tell your story.  Take some time to tell your story in pictures this month!

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