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How Do You Decide Email Marketing Frequency For Your Brand?

Knowing your audience matters the most in email marketing.

Consistency is important for your marketing message, but if part of your strategy is reaching your audience through email marketing, how do you decide how often to send emails?

Your target audience is probably being bombarded with emails, which means they can easily delete emails that might actually be of value to them. This scenario is often cited as the reason email marketing involves a certain amount of repetition.

The fact of the matter is that there is no overarching rule on the matter of email marketing frequency. Obviously, you don’t want to send emails with such frequency that your address is added to the junk email folder and automatically routed there, but where’s the fine line and how do you ensure that you won’t cross it?

Know Your Audience

Creating the right message and finding the right channels to convey content is arguably the most important parts of marketing your brand. How do you do that? The answer: have a deep understanding of your target audience.

With deep insights to your audience’s wants and needs, you have a better idea regarding their tolerance for marketing emails and the frequency with which they arrive in their inbox.

More importantly, when you know your audience, you have a good understanding about what they find valuable. As long as your emails are of value, the frequency becomes less of an issue.

Crafting the Message

Keep it simple. Whether it’s B2C or B2B, no potential buyer wants to slog through a long message to get to the value proposition. First off, make sure your message has a takeaway in it – something of obvious value to your audience. Then, place that takeaway high up in your email.

The most well received emails are short and focused. Take a cue from your social media posts, the ones that are much shorter than blogs, but more extensive that a tweet. And rather than pandering to all of your social media followers, your emails should be directed at a segmented audience, meaning your content will be of particular value to them.

Finally, there will be segments of the population that are just not in to email. Again, by knowing your target audience, you will have insights into the channels through which they are most likely to educate themselves on the value you provide.

At SJC Marketing, we’re experts at drilling down on what consumers want and how they prefer to educate themselves on the products and services they buy. Let us assist you in crafting email marketing messages that matter. Let’s meet and talk about your brand and your outreach.

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