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Our Favorite Places For Our Monday Morning Coffee

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Remember that old nursery rhyme, Pease Porridge Hot? “Some like it hot, some like it cold.” It strikes a thought about coffee this Monday morning, does it not? Minus the part about liking it nine days old, of course…

Yes, we’ll get to the point now. It’s not uncommon to see someone from Team SJC around town with a coffee cup from one of their favorite spots in their hand. The logo each of us has on their cup is a different story, however, because that really depends on the day, time, weather, etc for many of us, while others like to stick to their usual order.

Read what our team’s top coffee spots are and what they like to order below!

Ronny Jo Hennis, Client & Communications Specialist

I don’t drink coffee, but we have a coffee shop here in Holton, Kansas that my daughter Alexis goes to all the time called Hotspot. She gets their Caramel Frappe with Espresso.

Susan Campbell, President of SJC Marketing

I like Hazel’s for meetings, Dunkin’ for drive-thru iced coffee, but my own coffee (KC Roasters) ground and brewed at home the best.

Jessica Stewart, Account Manager

I don’t really drink coffee, but when I do it’s iced with mostly cream, sugar and flavoring with a splash of coffee from Dunkin, sometimes with a doughnut, too! I also like to support local, so when I’m downtown I go to Pony Expresso. It’s a great atmosphere there!

Rachel McCoy, Account Manager

I am a big fan of Pony Espresso in downtown St. Joseph. I really like the Cherry Mash Latte because it’s a hometown creation. They even make their own syrups. I also enjoy the local art on the walls, and they change it often!

Plus, it’s the only place in St. Joseph with a working, full-sized authentic beaded curtain that you walk through to get to the restrooms.

Lisa Smith, Content Manager

My favorite coffee is my husband Pete’s home roasting. (It’s the best coffee there is!) But when I’m out, I love to support local and my favorite place is Hazel’s. I love their Chai Tea Latte.

Dylan Cutitta, Client Project Coordinator

My favorite coffee in Kansas City is hands-down Friendly Bean, which is an awesome spot in the Northland. They are a small, local shop that brews amazing coffee! I always get an Iced Caramel Macchiato if it’s warm out and I drink it hot in the winter.

Randi White, Account Coordinator

I love Scooter’s Coffee. We just got one near us and I am so excited because they’re a Nebraska coffee company, so it’s fun to support. I order a Twix Candy Bar Latte.

Let us know if you try one of our favorite coffee drinks, better yet, we could meet you there and enjoy one too!

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