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38% of Consumers Moved to Action by Email Marketing

Email marketing comes with easily-accessible analytics that allow you to refine your strategy.

Remember 40 years ago when email was just becoming a thing? Maybe you can recall sending your first attachment, or when people were obsessed with email chain letters. The channel has definitely matured into a better place, but it hasn’t lost its glossy sheen. Email marketing remains one of the most reliable ways to engage with consumers, both in terms of return on investment and the quality of consumer responses.

The 2019 Campaign Monitor Email Marketing Benchmarks Report delivers new insights into one of the oldest digital channels still being used. With 38% of consumers reporting that they’ve been inspired to act due to the influence of email marketing, companies want to know more about how to engage with consumers via email.

How Many Emails Are Opened? The report says that 17% of all emails across all industries on a global scale are opened. And if you’re worried about that dreaded unsubscribe, never fear: only 0.1% occur. The average click to open rate is 14.3%. In other words, you have a pretty good chance of catching the attention of your audience.

Is There a Magic Day? Companies tie themselves in knots, trying to figure out the exact right time to email audiences. While there doesn’t seem to be a day that’s better than others, there are some indicators that some days are worse. For instance, Saturday is the day consumers are least likely to open an email.

Stop chasing that elusive perfect timing and think about analytics that do help you. You may notice that including a question in your subject line leads to an increased open rate, or that the word “promotion” isn’t as much of a sure thing as the words “limited time” when it comes to click-throughs.

Email analytics are accessible and easily actionable. You can find out whether including an image gives you a boost, or if emails from a specific person’s name perform better from those with a company address. Dig in and watch your engagement improve.

SJC Marketing is experienced at managing email campaigns for companies like yours, and we are well aware that what’s fun for us is challenging for some. Contact us and we’ll happily manage your email marketing.

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