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Best Email Marketing Practices For Growth Strategies

It’s time to examine your strategy and be sure you’re utilizing the best email marketing practices.

Your brand is on the move. You’re conducting a great live video series on Facebook, your community on LinkedIn is building your reputation for being an expert in your industry and your podcast has a growing list of subscribers. There’s just one thing: your email marketing has a distinctly early-2000s vibe. It’s time to update your best email marketing practices for today’s audiences.

Get Personal. If you’re still sending spammy emails to broad audiences, it’s time to cease. And don’t think you can personalize your emails just by adding the first name of the recipient at the top. It’s time to segment your audience and create emails that speak specifically to them. Drill down the subsets of your target market as much as you can, so that recipients have the experience of feeling that you are talking directly to them.

Get Attention. Forget about click-baiting; your audience is too smart for that, anyway. But you should use humor, urgent language and promotional attention-getters. Subject lines like “One Day Only!” or “Don’t Miss This!” tend to be effective. Just be sure that it’s true. If you constantly follow those single-day sales with a follow-up email saying that the sale has been extended one more day, you can expect your audience to lose interest.

Set Clear Goals. Before sending an email, you need a clear objective for it. Whether it’s a click through to your website or a sale, you should know what you hope will happen. Communicate the call to action (CTA) accordingly, so that your audience knows what you want them to do. Having a clear goal will help you write an effective email, and it will help your customers follow your lead on to the next step.

Get Optimized for Mobile. It seems like this step shouldn’t be necessary anymore; isn’t everyone optimized for mobile? If you’re not, stop reading this. Go get your email optimized for mobile, and your website, too, while you’re at it. Your best email marketing practices may need to start right here.

Get Some Restraint: You know it’s happened to you: you purchase a set of pine- and motor oil-scented soaps for your rugged husband for his birthday from a fun company you’ve just discovered. Well, your husband discovered them, too, and your gift, because they sent four emails in the next 24 hours to tell you just how thankful they are, and to make sure you don’t miss their promotion. Now you may never buy from them again because they wrecked your surprise and maybe worse, annoyed you just by being around so much.

Don’t be that company. Limit your email campaigns so that audiences always want more, not less.

If updating your best email marketing practices seems like something you’d rather put off for another day, maybe that’s a sign you need our email expertise at SJC Marketing. We love showing off how this digital marketing dinosaur more than keeps pace with social media and other newer platforms.


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