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A Little Monday Morning Coffee Creativity to Inspire You

Monday Morning Coffee is a weekly celebration of local businesses, enjoyed with a fresh cup of coffee.

All creatives know that there is nothing worse than coming down with a terrible case of “writer’s” or “artist’s” block. One Friday morning each month in 207 cities around the world, creatives gather at 9 a.m. to try and get out of this creative funk by enjoying breakfast, coffee and listening to a speaker who works in a creative space.

Creative Mornings KC is a local gathering that some of our members of Team SJC attend each month in venues around the Kansas City metro for creative inspiration. The idea is that creatives from all walks of life can come and talk about what they’re working on or what they’re struggling with as an artist to help inspire creativity for one another.

This event not only gives our team the opportunity to connect with other creatives in the area but gives them the chance to hear from folks who have had success in creative spaces. For instance, just a few months ago legendary Kansas City artist and founder of Carpenter Collective, Tad Carpenter spoke at Creative Mornings KC. Members of our team really enjoyed it, as most of us are big fans of Tad’s work!

Speakers at these events range from mural artists to slam poets … essentially anyone who considers themselves “right-brained.” Team SJC always has a blast when we are able to attend, especially with many of the venues being historic spots around Kansas City like the World War I Museum and the Kansas City Public Library.

As we mentioned previously, Creative Mornings is held in over 200 cities around the world so if you consider yourself a creative or just want to see what kind of amazing creative work is out there, we highly recommend you attend these monthly community events for inspiration, fun and lots of delicious coffee and treats. You will enjoy the time with other creatives and will likely be inspired in your own work.

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