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Why Custom Website Design Is Worth It

SJC's president and CEO, Susan Campbell, spearheads creative efforts and solid marketing strategies with her experience.

It’s time for a website redesign, and your team is contemplating whether you should simply knock out the project quickly with an inexpensive template, or go all out with a custom website design. When you look only at time and money, the easy choice is a template. But you need to look deeper.

There are plenty of reasons why it pays to invest in a customized website, but here are five to get you started on convincing your team that it’s may be smart to take a deep dive:

When You Buy on Price … You’ve heard the saying, “when you buy on price, you buy twice,” and that certainly can be true when it comes to your website. A custom website design typically has a longer lifespan than a template. Imagine the frustration of going through this process again in a short amount of time.

Instead, spend the time to create a website that will be easy to change for your changing goals and objectives.

Custom Website Design Showcases Your Brand. A customized website gives you so much more flexibility to tailor it exactly to the look and feel you want for your brand. This, in turn, provides credibility for your brand, telling visitors that you’ve invested in your branding for the long haul.

You Want Compatibility. When you utilize a template, you’re choosing a product that will be compatible with the latest browsers, but all of your target audience may not be using those modern browsers. A custom website design ensures that your website is accessible to everyone that may want to find you. Kind of important if you’re interested in being found, right?

Speaking of Being Found … It is challenging to overstate the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) when it comes to website design and investing in a customized site allows for your designer to choose code that is ideal for SEO.

There’s Also Security to Consider. Okay, so this is not the fun part of website design, but nobody would argue that it’s not important. A template may not have the same security features as a custom website design that’s been coded from scratch. Considering hackers often consider small and medium size businesses as low-hanging fruit, you want to make sure your site is secure.

We recently designed a new site for Gray Manufacturing, a company that understands the importance of quality. When Gray Manufacturing needed an update, they spent the time to create a website that reflects the values around quality and service that make Gray a leader in their industry. SJC developed a site that was tailored exactly to Gray’s needs, including custom photos, video clips and product pages. The end result is a site that lets visitors experience the weight of the Gray brand.

Still on the fence? No worries. Your team can meet up with ours and we’ll show you some additional examples of what makes custom website design such a good choice.

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