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4 Tips for Cultivating Organic Lead Generation on Instagram

You want to get more out of your social media marketing dollars, and your ad budget is running a bit high. What can you do? How about some organic lead generation through Instagram?

It may seem like Instagram is only about Stories these days, but there are plenty of ways to turn your profile and posts into an opportunity that leads to growth for your brand. Take a look at these four tips:

Make the Most of Your Profile. There are a few things you’ll need to remember about your Instagram profile, in order to make it work for lead generation:

  • Your bio isn’t searchable. If your product or service isn’t easily identifiable by your user name, make sure to include it in your username. For instance, if you’re Juggler and your name is Jenny, your company name of Jenny’s Entertainment isn’t as effective for search purposes as Juggling Jenny’s Entertainment.
  • Prioritize your bio. Yes, you love to read and you participate in every 5k you can find, but if you’re an event planner…let’s just say it: that information isn’t helpful Make sure your bio is prioritized by the focus of your products or services.
  • Consider asking a close business associate or partner to write your bio. People are pretty bad at summarizing their core talents and offerings, so think about who might be able to make you glow.

Dedicate a Landing Page. Not only do you want lead generation, but you want to know where exactly people head after they find you on Instagram. Consider having a dedicated URL that then offers several options, such as “check out our blog,” “take a look at our products” or “about us.” Through Google Analytics, you can learn how your followers on Instagram interact with your brand after they leave the social media site.

Create Clear Goals. If you don’t know what your goals are for a social media profile, you also won’t know whether you’re succeeding. Determine what you want each Instagram post to do: increase followers, lead Instagram viewers to your website or simply increase engagement.

Post Engaging Content. Instagram is an attention-getting platform, and everyone is there for that attention. So, how do you stand out? Maybe you try a minimalist approach, or maybe your answer is bold colors and graphics. You should also remember that even though your goal is lead generation, not every post should be promotional. Think of adding value to Instagram users. What will help them solve a problem or make life easier? That’s your angle.

At SJC Marketing, we know not everyone loves to talk about Instagram lead generation, so that’s why we offer to do your social media marketing for you. Our team can help you find out what to do to get your Instagram profile and content driving new business on your website.

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